Strength Camp

Do you want to get in great shape fast, and have fun doing it?

Are you looking for a unique, challenging, and EFFECTIVE workout?

Are you tired of fancy equipment and programs that don't produce results?

It's time to get back to the basics!


Using stability balls wobble boards, foam rollers, and whoopee cushions is often referred to as "functional training". These tools have their uses, but there are better ways to get lean, strong, fit and functional.

Top Form Strength Camp delivers an old-school workout with simple, primal movements using basic compound exercises and strongman implements. Find out how true functional training can develop full body strength and power while shedding fat fast!

  • Get faster, stronger, leaner and more powerful!
  • Improve overall conditioning and general physical preparedness.
  • Great off-season training for athletes!
  • Full body workouts with ‘real-world’ exercises such as sled dragging, farmers walk, log press, kettlebell swings, sandbag lifts and keg carries!
  • Ideal strength and conditioning for contact sports, police, EMS, firefighters, military, MMA, wrestlers, other fighting arts and strength sports!

COST: 10 Session Package - $175 (pay via cash, cheque, credit card, or PayPal) or $20 drop in fee.

One hour group sessions. Maximum 8 recruits per session (space is limited; register now!)

Session Information and Location:

Every Saturday at 4PM with weekday sessions available
(contact Kris for weekday schedule at 416-627-5747 or

Location: Blast Athletics, 374 Dupont Street, Toronto, ON; East of Bathurst St

Outdoor training also available during the Spring & Summer

Contact Josh to register or for more information: 416-931-0800 or


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